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    The company strengthens study of coal market trends, tries to seek for high quality coal resources by strengthening the construction of power transmission and coal transportation channels, and gives priority to the development of large-scale coal bases and coal power bases in Eastern Gansu, Xinjiang, Eastern Inner Mongolia, and Eastern Yunnan. In 2012, Gaotouyao and Weijiamao open-cut mines were put into trial operation, and Liuxiang coal mine completed the trial operation. Besides, the construction of Hetaoyu and Linglu coal mines

    made positive progress, and Shaozhai and Chicheng coal mine projects gained government approval. Twelve coal mine projects of the Company were listed into the National Twelfth Five-year Plan for the coal industry, with the total capacity of 49.4 million tons per year. Huaneng Hulunbuir Energy Co. and Huating Coal Co. were ranked top 50 coal enterprises in China; Shanzhai Coal Mine was evaluated as Top Coal Mine in China; Yimin Open-cut Mine, Lingquan Mine and Jingshigou Mine were evaluated as national advanced coal mines.

    The Company pays close attention to market trends, further strengthens internal coordination, and strives to improve resource utilization level and self-supply rate. In 2012, the Company's increased its coal production capacity by 10 million tons per year, reaching 78.17 million tons per year, up by 14.7% YOY. Huaneng’s coal enterprises supplied 37.22 million tons of coal to its own power plants in 2012, with self-supply rate of 14%.

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