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    Management Structure of Technology Innovation

    Huaneng adopts a three-level management structure, i.e. the Headquarters, Industrial (Regional) subsidiaries, and Grass-root enterprises, which performs its role of management and decision-making regarding technology innovation.

    The Headquarters has set up S&T Work Leading Group as the top decision-making body for S&T issues, and has set up Department of Science & Technology and Environmental Protection, which also serves as the office for the S&T Work Leading Group, to centrally coordinate and manage S&T work of the Company. The Headquarters has also formed an Expert Committee and an S&T Review Expert Team as advisory bodies for innovation strategies and S&T project execution.

    The industrial (regional) subsidiaries have clearly defined responsibilities of relevant senior managers as well as responsible management departments regarding S&T work, and improved their S&T management structure, mechanism, and functions.

    The grass-root enterprises have established production technology assurance system and on-the-job innovation mechanism with the plant managers (or chief engineers) as the person-in-charge.

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